Tech Blogs/Social Media

Project Scope: Since 2014, writing articles and blog/social media posts for DroneLife – a news source covering the commercial drone industry, regulation and technology. Click image for complete portfolio

Project Scope: Editing/writing blog post titled Marketing to Marketers: The Gen Z “Brand” for Thinknear – a data-marketing, tech-facing company focused on the mobile marketing sector.

Project Scope: Editing/writing blog post titled How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Inventory Management & Supply Chains for – a company that “connects Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Automation to a specific set of industries.”

Project Scope: Editing/writing blog post titled Transforming Accident Investigation With Drones for DroneDeploy, a tech firm with the mission to unify the “commercial drone industry under one roof by providing the platform to connect developers, hardware partners, and pilots with powerful tools to integrate aerial data into day-to-day operations.”

Project Scope: Editing/writing blog posts titled Supply Chain Optimization 101: How to Best Harness the Power of Big Data and How Does the Internet of Things Influence the Supply Chain? for Afflink, “a leader in supply chain management services for more than 35 years.”

Project Scope: Wrote To Manage Or Not To Manage? Extended Team vs. Managed Team for Ciklum – “a global Digital Solutions Company for Fortune 500 and fast-growing organisations alike around the world.”