White Papers

Project Scope: Wrote a whitepaper titled Neural Networks for Dummies as well as a whitepaper titled How To Avoid Chronically Late Software Releases for Ciklum – “a global Digital Solutions Company for Fortune 500 and fast-growing organisations alike around the world.”

Project Scope: Co-wrote/edited two white papers for NEC Display Solutions titled – NEC Collaboration Powered by ThinkHub: Partnering into a Whole New Dimension and Building a Relationship That Online Shopping Can’t Replace.

Project Scope: Wrote a white paper titled COMMERCIAL DRONE SOLUTIONS: Flexible, open end-to-end systems vs closed stove-piped platforms for ANRA Technologies, a UAS traffic-management/software provider.

Project Scope: Co-wrote/edited a whitepaper titled Tapping The Invisible Pipeline: Identifying Anonymous Web Visitors for tech firm KickFire.

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